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Recent news​

I have reworked one of the Vegas mats for general consumption!
If I reissue a playmat after a limited run, I will change it up a bit.  This one is no exception.  I dropped the glasses down for a "squad" feel and added too more friends!  I also refined it and added more detail.

rk post, November 2023



One of the Las Vegas exclusive playmants can be yours!
The Morphling Playmat is available!  Just follow the link.  The Squirtle mat will be reworked and made for general sale I hope within two weeks.

rk post, October 2023



More new things and the Holiday Token
Worldgorger Dragon in a medium print a 11 new tokens are in the shop now.  For every order that exceeds $10 USD with shipping, you get a Holiday is in the upper right in the photo.

rk post, December 2022



Photo Dec 21 2022, 10 15 40 AM.jpg
Part 2....

Medium Art Prints and Large Art Prints update with new and return images, like Unmask!  A new acrylic Hamster, two new aluminum tokens, and 2 new TCG sized aluminum prints.  Also, dates for next year are being added to the calendar on a regular basis!

rk post, December 2022



Photo Dec 04 2022, 11 29 19 AM.jpg
So many new products on the way!

First up... Small Art Prints!  I have readded some that had sold out and also added around 27 new ones!

rk post, December 2022



Away for a couple of weeks..

It's my intent to get orders caught up to today and get them in the mail Monday, August 15th...sorry for the GenCon delays.  I will be away for a couple of weeks and then right off to SCG Con Columbus the first weekend of September.  I won't have my usual help inbetween, so it's my estimate that things won't start really moving until the week after that.  My apologies for the delays and your patience.

rk post, August 2022



More aluminum!

I reorganized the pages a little, so please let me know if anything is amiss the pages or links.  There was a lot to do.

So, I broke down aluminum tokens down into two series because I added a bunch more, including the first gold edition aluminum.  I added two tests for aluminum art prints.  Two different sizes.  I may add some metallex that I had left over to the ranks, but one thing at a time.

rk post, January 2022



Photo Jan 13, 5 17 43 PM.jpg
Photo Jan 13, 5 19 41 PM.jpg
Aluminum and Metallex Binder Art Prints

Ok, that's a mouthful but they are fun.  I put the pages in two places, with the non paper tokens and the art prints.  They are card sized prints in two materials.

I reorg'd the pages a little.  I guess it had been a while since I had updated a few pages and when I went to search for something for someone, I'm like, "what the hell".  Hope it helps!

The event page (calendar) is constantly being updated live to my actual calendar.  Some events were taken away, more were added.  Keep watching for updates, especially if you want to find me and have custom stuff done.

rk post, December 2021



No Honor Shop is live!

Follow the link to more products that I don't offer here.  Apparel, mugs, and other fun things using my art in partnership with No Honor.  The site and line up will change, it's early in the launch phase.

No Honor page.

rk post, September 2021



I don't know...

How the new VAT requirements will effect shipments to Europe.  So, the process will likely take a long time figure out. I will ship things out normally and first class envelope mailing shouldn't be effected.  But larger things with customs declarations...not sure how it will work.  Be patients and I will try a few things out.  Reach out if it's an epic failure.

rk post, July 2021



New Artist Proofs and Original Token Art

I have added new MtG Artist Proofs from Jumpstart and Commander Legends in the shop!  Sadly, I can't take requests for custom art until June 2021 at the earliest, too many things to finish up.  And that really is only a guess.

Also find the selection of Original Token Art has "grown" a little.  There is only one of each, and when they go, they go.  Included is an example of the token with the art.

rk post, February 2021



Photo Feb 12, 11 32 16 AM.heic
Photo Feb 04, 5 15 11 PM.heic
12 new Kaldheim tokens in the shop!

My constant quest to stay up to date with the latest MtG tokens continues!  There's a few to add, but tried to hit the important ones.  I always welcome suggestions. 

rk post, February 2021



The Holidays are upon us...

Here you go!  Discounts and holiday tokens.  I will let you know if the holiday token is nearing it's demise....

rk post, November 2020



Artist proofs..oh my!

I have already had MtG artist proof cards (white backed Magic cards made for the artists in limited numbers), but now I have the Mtg2XM Batterskull proofs in foil and nonfoil and had to come up with a unique approach to releasing them.  It's not a huge secret, but everything I do is pretty time consuming and one of many things is getting to commissions.  Sadly sometimes it becomes a lower priority.  With that in mind, I can't release all of the proofs at once in case the custom art requests pile up.  I will release them in drabs and dribbles when the previous set is done and sent.  Also, the price will increase as the numbers go down (not insanely).  I will announce when something is sold out completely. 

Oh, the numbering on the Batterskulls is on the perfect fit sleeve.  I can apply it to the card if you request.  Regular signing is included, shadow signatures are an additional $2 USD.  Please let me know asap if you do not want it (them) signed.

As for custom art, send me an email reasonably quickly after ordering the proof so we can determine a budget and what you want the art to look like.   That difference will be payable via PayPal after completion.  Also please limit custom art to one request per turn.

If you want a larger number of proofs without art, just send an email and we can get you sorted out quickly.

rk post, September 2020



Photo Sep 12, 4 52 30 PM.jpg
September fun and new aluminum!

When you purchase anything in the shop....for every $5 spent you will get a limited paper shark token!  For every $100, get the super limited aluminum version!  I will also do combinations of both if it meets the qualifications.  It is also the price before shipping costs are calculated in.  Quantities are limited and when they are gone, they are gone.

New aluminum things!  The Vegas duo aluminum versions have arrived, find them in the Limited 2020 section!

The regular shark token in aluminum has arrived.  Find them with the other aluminum tokens.

rk post, September 2020



Photo Sep 01, 4 20 25 PM.jpg
GP Vegas 2020

Would have started today if it hadn't been cancelled.  I created a small series of two tokens to commemorate the occasion.  Available in the Limited 2020 section!

Aluminum ones should arrive in a few days, keep your eyes peeled!

rk post, August 2020



Photo Aug 27, 9 09 17 AM.jpg
New aluminum limited tokens

Finally came in...the aluminum versions to MagicFests in San Jose and Strasbourg!  Available in the Limited 2020 section!

rk post, May 2020



Photo Jul 31, 2 55 37 PM.jpg
Photo Jul 31, 2 55 47 PM.jpg
Artist Proofs and Patreon and new Tokens..

I finally have a comprehensive list of Artist Proofs or very limited ones are available here.  Sketches on the backs are a very tricky and unpredictable thing.  I can't guarantee that I have time or a completion date.  Please limit the amount of custom are if you please.  There are three different price tiers that we can talk about in email communication (also a better notion of scheduling, sketch preferences, shipping costs, etc.).  The queue will only remain for pick up at events once I start traveling again.

The last Patreon release has closed and hasn't shipped yet due to having to using a new printer and the mess of the world.  Should be any day now...but after that, everything should be on track.  My original printer is back open and I've mapped out the next two.  The aluminum tokens turned out fantastically and I think those patrons will love the heck out of them.

The new tokens for the latest MtG release are delayed with the Patreon tokens.  Should be soon.


rk post, May 2020



Limited Cancelled Event Tokens in Aluminum

I have gone to the effort of making limited tokens for events cancelled due to Covid-19 and the first offering is the first 4 events in aluminum.  You will find Houston, Kitakyushu, Toronto, and Seattle...all events I was scheduled to attend and would have made limited tokens for.  I made each selection applicable to the format of the main event that was to be played.  You can find them in the Limited Edition 2020 shop.

I want to personally thank everyone that has visited the shop, it truly makes a difference.  It has made these two months and counting bearable and humbled by the people that continue to stop by and pick things up in these uncertain times.  Thank you all.

I also have 3 months of patreon ahead, if you feel silly enough.


rk post, April 2020



Photo May 02, 3 35 14 PM.jpg
Aluminum tokens are here!

Totally and completely new for me and the site.  Pure aluminum, very thin and very lightweight.  I am very happy with how these came out and I think you will be to!  There's a limited Sao Paulo zombie in the Limited Edition 2020 shop, and a whole section of the first 21 different aluminum tokens.

Patreon is up and back running for me.  I just closed on release 10 and have plans for the next 3 and may add aluminum to a few new tiers.  It's just a thought at the moment, let's see if I can pull it off.  Heh....


rk post, April 2020



Photo Apr 03, 9 56 37 AM.jpg
Stuck at home for a while,  the virus thing.

Honestly I would love to be out there doing what I do, but being safe is the safe thing to do.  I can't argue that.


The Sao Paulo and Detroit tokens (first two canceled events) are placed in Limited 2020 and I may consider adding the tokens yet to be made for the other 2

canceled events (so far at the time of writing this) in the future. 

The Patreon will likely be dusted off, have to sort that out.

Commissions!  I will likely be open to a few soon, but first have to sort through the current offers and promises.


rk post, March 2020



Almost getting caught up...

Still slow with a few things, but generally things are get back to normal.  Usually orders are out within a week, because there is one me and I do travel.  A shipping notification should go out as soon as it's ready to hit the mail.


Limited tokens are up to date and I've added Limited 2020 as a new section!  Cuz yeah, it's a new year.  Also there are 4 new acrylic tokens!   There is also an exciting change to premium tokens coming...


rk post, March 2020



Photo Mar 03, 4 31 18 PM.jpg
Photo Mar 02, 8 38 34 PM.jpg
I'm still around and still adding new things!


I'm a little slow with correspondence, but I am home occasionally.  ;)



Elks in paper and acrylic are live!  Limited limited tokens and metallex versions of them are now listed.  Very limited and not being reproduced. New metallex, clear printed acrylic tokens, and acrylic tokens!  And finally a new playmat sleeve has arrived!


rk post, December 2019



Photo Dec 02, 12 57 28 PM.jpg
More new things (or new things continued)!

Limited limited tokens and metallex versions of them are now listed.  Very limited and not being reproduced. New metallex and acrylic tokens!  And finally a new playmat sleeve has arrived!


rk post, August 2019



Photo Jul 23, 5 35 48 PM.jpg
More new things (or new things continued)!

Limited limited tokens and metallex versions of them are now listed.  Very limited and not being reproduced. New metallex and acrylic tokens!  And finally a new playmat sleeve has arrived!


rk post, August 2019



New things!

Let's start with limited limited tokens and metallex versions of them are now listed.  Very limited and not being reproduced.  WAR tokens are on their way, be sure to check out the New Tokens section!  And finally a new playmat has arrived!


rk post, April 2019



Finally!  All metallex tokens are live!

I knew I was a little behind, but I didn't realize how much until today.  It's all up and with that, almost everything is on the site!

Find the Metallex tokens here!


rk post, January 2019



Photo Feb 09, 11 39 40 AM.jpg
New Legion things

I keep finding things that I did the art for and a few things I forgot to list.  It's all up in Other Stuff!


rk post, January 2019



I'm still updating!

I am a busy traveling gentleman....but I still add and change things.  There are 40 new Acrylic Tokens, some more Metallex tokenss, more tokens for the new set are coming, and more limited tokens.  I plan on traveling less this new art is on the way with Patreon kicking back 2019.


rk post, January 2019



Store will be slow for a little bit

I am caught up on regular orders at this very moment, but I will be in Europe for two weeks.  Orders will resume shipping after the first week of September.  It may be a little slow to start, bear with me.


rk post, August 2018



Updates are still happening

I wasn't not really aware that my travel schedule was that nightmarish, but I guess it is.


I still list things here and there.  Today I added to dicebags, playmat sleeves, new tokens, limited tokens, and a special item.



rk post, June 2018



Well that sucks...

Alter one DNS setting and shit hits the fan..very slowly.  When you correct it, it can take up to two days to take effect.  Yay internet.  As backups, and point to this site.  Hopefully all will be restored soon. 

The site and store upgrades have new interfaces behind the scenes that seem to contradict themselves to deal with.   Let me know if something is amiss.  The best upgrade ever?  You can now search for things!  It's pretty darn spiffy!  I will try to add new categories over time that will help in searching!

New things!  I have added the GP Santiago and Lyon limited tokens.


Metallex Tokens!  For now, limited quantities and the design may change slightly.


A new clear acrylic etched token...Stolen


A couple of new tokens...

And Wood Tokens series 5!



rk post, Feburary 2018



Hmmm...seems like I haven't been updating...

I have, just a little more stealthy without much in the news section.  Just in adding products and sections and little things.  Also my site manager says that the shop is updating...let's hope for bigger and better!  Again, any issues, send me a line at


Also...3 new playmats I'm trying out!  The best gets more stuff!



















rk post, Feburary 2018



Kicking off the 2017 Holidays right!

Starting Thursday, November 23 at 12:01 am PST...for every $5 spent before postage, you will get the exclusive numbered limited edition Monarch token until supplies are exhausted!  If there any extra over the 700, I will put them in the limited token section.


Also!!!  Thursday the 23rd through end of day Tuesday, November 28 is Black Weekend!  Wheeee!!!  Get the biggest discount I have ever offered, 31% off of anything.  You can use the code as many times as you like within those dates on seperate orders!


Here is the code:


rk post, Novermber 2017



New clear and printed acrylic tokens!



I promoted something and wasn't mindful to link it well.  If you click on the images below it will take you to the right subsection for Acrylic Printed Acrylic Tokens, Clear Acrylic Printed Tokens, and Etched Acrylic Tokens.   Yeah, it's confusing sort of, but the production of the first and last clear acrylic token is different.  The first is laser etched on the back and the last is uv printed on the front in black ink.

rk post, Novermber 2017



New token-y stuffs!


I've added 7 new tokens, there is nothing crazy about that...I do it all the time and thats how I have about 770 different tokens.  I've also added a couple of new Limited Edition tokens and broke those into subcategories of years so you won't have to dig through pages to find the older ones that have miraculously not sold out yet.


Here is the totally new bit...more Acrylic and Wood TokensAcrylic etched tokens series 2 are now thinner and an innovative new token type I couldn't do any other way!  There are new printed acrylic tokens, some of them are limited quantities until I get more stock in.  Wood tokens are now into series 4 making the total number in wood 65!





rk post, Novermber 2017



New art prints!


Creation of Morty and Twisted Tale as Old as Time now exist as Large Prints and Medium Prints!





rk post, October 2017



Many news things!


Creation of Morty now has dicebags and playmat sleeves....soon I will have art prints!  Pickle Rick temporary tattoo is now in the shop.  And..many new tokens!  I think there are 725 in total at the moment.









rk post, August 2017



New mat!


In the Unlimited Playmats is the newest thang, The Creation of Morty.   More new tokens and limited tokens are going up today as well!









rk post, August 2017



More new


Wood tokens Series 3!  I have upped the variety of wood tokens to now 50 different tokens.









rk post, July 2017



34 new items in the shop!



Whelp, I had a ridiculous travel schedule for two months and it put me

waaaaaay behind.  Sorry about that.  A big sorry to Patreon.  I should be

back on track soon.



Let's see...I now have series 2 wood tokens (15 in the series) and

series 1 acrylic tokens (10 in the series)!





Twisted Tale as Old as Time now has dice bags and playmat sleeves!




Binders!  Tea party friggin binders!  9 pocket, 20 sleeve ones to start. 

let's see how it rolls.



And oh yeah!  More new tokens, more coming, and I've updated the

Limited Tokens!







rk post, July 2017



More new



I don't really shy away from trying new things, so here are new things!


Twisted Tale as Old as Time playmats

I will get dicebags and playmat sleeves soon.







Wood tokens!  I am still figuring out shipping and stuff,

so let's try it out and I'll adjust as I go.









rk post, May 2017



Well poop....


Some folks have had issues placing orders with a paypal error at the end.  I am working to find a solution, but checkout still seems to work out for most.  If you do have any issues, we can do your order through email and paypal.  Please send me an email and we will get it sorted.



You can also get your Mulan SzeChuan sauce...well, in token and print form.


Oh...and I have about all the MTGAKH tokens...the 5/5 wurm will be up shortly!


rk post, April 2017



I now have art prints in more sizes of some recent popular stuffs!  You can find 3 new Large Prints and 5 new Medium Prints!


rk post, January 2017



The 2016 Can Suck It collection


2016 may have sucked for many reason, but I think the biggest is all the amazing people we lost.  I somehow managed to try to honor a few of them here.


rk post, December 2016



The wait is over!
All the 1OO Acre Hell stuff is in!  Playmat, Playmat Sleeve, and Dice Bag....
Also, more limited tokens and the GP Milwaukee playmat.  And!  I added a bundle deal for getting an unlmited playmat and sleeve (completely your choice on both)














rk post, December 2016



The Holiday exclusive token is in!
For every $10 you spend, you get one.  Spend $40, get 4.  It's that easy!  I just added 10 new tokens moments ago.  Easy!  Oh, and the discout code!


Save 18%  Code: 5350B4B












rk post, December 2016



More new product and subcategories.
I have added new tokens of's almost weekly now with the total surpasing 550 unique cards.   I have added a few minor subcategories to try and make them easier to locate. I continue to exclusive tokens for GPs and bigger events, and will add the overage and leftovers to exclusive tokens!
I have also added the Night is Dark deckbox and pro matte sleeves to the shop.







rk post, November 2016



New stuff!
People don't realize I add new tokens all the time...sometimes weekly.   I just seems a little redundant at times to say, "hey new tokens" allllll the time.  I am officially over 500 tokens now with T605 Construct 1 being the lucky 500th.  I've also added the overage on the exclusive Atlanta tokens!
But wait!  This time around I got a little crazy and added 2 completely new playmats!















And 2 new playmat bags and 4 new dicebags!







rk post, October 2016



Well hey there!  It's a Patreon!
I have been busy trying to give you some exclusive goodies and I think Patreon was the the best way to express that.  I put together a Patreon site that I think you will enjoy.  The items and assortments there can only be found there.  I kept many of the tiers pretty low cost, each release will have a giveaway for some great original art, there will likely be about 10 releases a year (no more than 12), and all shipping costs are rolled into it...including you international folks that I have come to love and respect.  Please take a moment and give it a look-see.  I won't stop offering great and new things here as well, I'm that committed (or need to be committed).

rk post, August 2016



Want to save on shipping?
Here are some pro-tips just for you.  I really want you to get your stuff, but not pay too much for it.  I don't make anything on shipping, it all goes to the US Postal Service, etc. 
$15 is a magic number.  My postage is calculated by the total of your order, so once your order is $15 or more it goes into the priority shipping category and gets tracking and all of that fun stuff.  Let's say you order 30 tokens for delivery in the US, the shipping will be $7.50 USD.  If you order 29, it's $2 USD.  So, I suggest place several orders for multiple tokens.  If you order 3 orders of 29 tokens, you get 87 tokens shipped to you with a shipping cost of $6.  One order of 87 tokens would be $7.50 shipping but would have tracking.    Things are much crazier if you are international, but the principal is the same. 
rk post, August 2016



Always new stuffs!
14 new tokens this week and all the leftover GP Portland stuffs are on the site!  I was only in Portland for two of the days, and although it was a crazy busy weekend, it was hard to display everything, so you can take advantage of that!   Find the Matt Groening exclusive token and the Worry Beads inspired playmat that had a limited run of 15.  The prices are damned reasonable too.
rk post, August 2016



I have been adding new tokens on a regular basis and don't really get around to posting an update about it would just seem a little monotonous.  Same goes for limited tokens and limited playmats.  
Well, I have some new large prints, I don't add those all the time!
rk post, July 2016



A few updates...
I added the New York limited playmat, added a couple of new fun categories the the Themed Cross Reference (like Rick and Morty), I updated my bio, and added a few more fun limited tokens.  Enjoy!
rk post, May 2016



New stuff!
5 new playmat bags and 4 new token LPacks!  You can now get on of each of my first 350 tokens if you get all 7 packs.  Crazy!
rk post, April 2016



Two new playmats are live...
Including this bad boy!  Right here.
rk post, March 2016



Lots of new things and some improvements!
Let's start with art prints:  I've redone the pages and the shop.  It was less than good before, I apologize.  I've added a main page that will take you to three categories (types and sizes) and offer multiple discounts. 
New things!  I've added the limited side event playment from GP Melbourne in Limited Playmats.   I also added 4 new dice bags!   And I think finally, I added a new deck box and sleeves package, and reduced the price on another.


rk post, March 2016



I will constantly try to improve thangs


Postage is always a pickle.  I have small custom items that are pricier than bulky things.  Now I just do it by price and it has always seemed to work.  Then the postal service raised some of their rates in a weird fashion.  Things are a little broken.  I have dropped the rates on first class mailing of up to 29 tokens in the US and around the world.  I have also retweeked some of the other rates to a lower price point.  I will continue to fidget. 


I will also refund drastic overages.  Some of you have gotten mystery paypal payments, that is the reasoning.  You paid too much.


rk post, February 2016



Well damn....


As I added more and more stuff to this site over time, it became a bit of a mess.  My apologies. 


I have attempted to clean it up a bit and hopefully things will be easier to find.  I am always up for suggestions!


As many may be aware....I have a bazillion tokens and finding anything became more and more impossible over time.  Send me a note if you have any problems finding anthing, please.  I do have a general reference if you want to find a general type of token, i.e. goblins.  I have just added a cross reference if you want to find tokens by theme, i.e Bob Ross.


I do realize the mobile version of this isn't perfect, but it does work.  The desktop version is a lot less crammed and easier to navigate, if that helps any.


I am always striving to improve this place as a great tool and reference stop.  Sure, there's a shop, but you can also find out where I am going to be, what I am currently working on (via the Instafeed), how to get further info and discounts (via the rk posse), how to mail things to me and get them returned, or just how to contact me and ask me anything.


Thanks again for your patience and patronage!


rk post, February 2016



Good news, bad news....


I am pretty much caught up from being gone (save a few customs and a few orders I'll have out by Wedesday!  So, order away at will.  I'll be gone weekends per usual, fret not...I don't like being too far behind.   Orders are usually out in less than a week and in some cases the same day.


Ok, the US Postal Service is forcing the baddish news...they raised rates on priority mail (within the US) and international shipping.  I try to keep the costs to minimum and ship a little slower, I will always listen if you have a better way!  I also take care in packing and use the best material possible.  Why waste time replacing damaged items?


rk post, January 2016



Holiday tokens and personal vacation....


The Cathulhu Holiday tokens have all been given out.  There is a Cathulhu token in the For Fun section if you would like to have something that is very similar.


Oh!  If it's past January 9th...the coupon code below will no longer work.  Let's do this again some time!


I will be taking a little vacation and since the shop is pretty much me, orders will be slowed down by it from January 12th to the 24th.  If you can avoid it, don't send me lots of messages as well.  I will be a little slow to answer those.  You can still place orders and I will be sure to fill them as quickly as possible as soon as I get back! 


rk post, January 2016



Large prints are a little larger and new playmats.


I increased the size of larger prints from 13x19" to 16x20".  I did not increase the price.  Ever try to find a 13x19" frame (mostly applies to the USA)?   Yeah, not so available and custom framing is expensive.  I made it easier to get a premade frame and save!


2 new mats in the unlimited playmat section....the black and white Affinity and the generic GP Kobe pirate angel.

rk post, December 2015



Professor Phinneas T Squirrel's Nutsack


Is now available!  Right....over.....heeeeeere....

rk post, December 2015



I'm just going to put this here......


Enter in the coupon code at checkout and get money off.  Yep that's it.

rk post, December 2015



Custom Playmats...thanks for playing
The one day event is over and now my plate is more than full.  Let's what I can do...results to be posted soon!
rk post, December 2015



Lots of new stuff!
I added 10 new tokens....including my first minigame:  Rock, Paper, Scissors, Lizard, Spock. 
L-Packs have been added to the Printed Tokens!  You can start to build your collection if you want one of everything!
I added the GP Madison limited playmat, reduced the prices on many limited playmats, and broke up the collection into two pages of Limited Playmats and Unlimited Playmats.  Generally, less stuff in the collection makes things easier to find.
I added a new deckbox and sleeves to a renamed page called Other Stuff.  Check out the new Cathulhu Journal/Scorpad there as well!
Many new tokens are on the way with some other surprises, stay tuned.  I will try to get a special limited holiday token like I did last year. 
Oh!  rk posse members, I have a little something special planned....soon.
rk post, October 2015



Playmat bags are here!
Now in the shop!  
rk post, November 2015



What?  More new things?
Stuff!  Get it!  Yeah, I might get lazy with typing, but not with making new things. 
The Trump and The Tea Party Dice Bags are here...










And the Tea Party Playmat Bags are here!



rk post, November 2016



My apologies...
The Counters section of the Printed Tokens wasn't working right and somebody pointed it out.  Took me a bit, but I finally got it working.  Thank you for your patience and please don't hesitate to reach out and let me know if something isn't working or is just generally not good.
There are a ton of new tokens coming in the next few weeks and I am reaaaallly excited about it!  I am closing in on 250 different tokens.  That's nuts.  New products?  Yep, those are coming too. 
I have a lot of great appearances coming up and I may be likely coming to a neighborhood to you.  Keep your eyes open, I am working out 2016 right now and my Calendar is updated in real time.
Also, orders have been a little behid in the last month or so, long silly story, but with the exception of a couple of custom orders...that is no longer the case!  Again, thank you for your patience.
rk post, October 2015



L Packs are coming soon!
What the heck is an L Pack?  It is a set of 50 tokens in chronological order that will finally allow people to collect complete sets of tokens, 50 at a time.  The first three will be here in a custom tuck box. 
rk post, September 2015



Me as a token!  Go find me and 7 other tokens in new tokens!
I filed the other 21 new tokens in the categories...if you can't seem to find something, drop me a line
I have also dropped in some info about card alterations in Mail Signing!
rk post, August 2015



Many new tokens are here!  20 of them! Go find them in new tokens!
Many more will be coming and I have plans to do 50 pack bundles of singles in order to help you catch up.  Oh, and more poker decks.
rk post, August 2015



Many new tokens en route, starting with Spock and the JKF knight already listed in new tokens!
The 13 others should be here within in a week, but GenCon (booth 2833) may slow my listing a little.
rk post, July2015



Check em out, 3 new playmats, as well as a ton of new stickers!
rk post, July2015



Samurai Vader GP Vegas exclusive is live in playmats, as well as the Best Buddies and Samurai Vader as prints!
rk post, June 2015



The shop is more or less back up with 2 new playmats, and updated playmat, and 22 new tokens!  I should be able to get stuff on in a week or so.  Thanks again for your patience!
rk post, May2015



The shop with more or less be "slowed down" for about a month starting very soon until about May 12th.  After April 7th, you may or may not get your order for approximately a month.  I sincerely apologize..but if you check my calendar and happen to be in Rome, Krakow, Belgrade, or Paris when I am  (three cities have events attached to them), get stuff in person!  You can still place orders, if you have patience.  My apologies if this an inconvenience.  I will be back full force soon and have lots of new things to share and post.  Any issues, message me.
rk post, April 2015



Thanks for playing!  Skeletor has sold out.  I may one day do an unlimited version, but I will make it different to be fair to the limited folks.
rk post, April 2015



Live at 10 pst Saturday, March 4th, 2015 I will list the last few Skeletor GP Miami playmats.  First come, first served.  It will be here.....
rk post, April 2015



21 brand spankin new tokens!  Check em out!
rk post, March 2015



Limited Vancouver Playmat is now live.  3 new exclusive tokens!
rk post, February 2015



A huge token overhaul.  Whew.
The token collection is getting out of hand.  Yeah, let's admit it.  I categorized them as best I could so hopefully it will make things easier to find.  I don't think this site really has a search option...or at least I haven't had the bandwith to sort it out yet.
New tokens!  The Brainstorm Brewery Kraken is up, as well as updated Toothless Frank Tokens!  He was due.
The exclusive token packs are limitied and live...and they won't last long.
I added a couple of other event exclusive left overs, they won't last long either.
Lastly, any suggestions for improvement, I'm all ears.
rk post, February 2015



Vancouver Exclusive overage monk tokens are now live!
I over ordered, so I kept numbering.  Numbers 401-733 are now available here!  I priced out a few specific ones, otherwise there is a generic one that has a random number for you.  Quantities are limited and when sold out, won't  be produced again.
rk post, Valentine's Day 2015



New tokens are now live!  Limited Mexico City Playmat!  Token prints!  Legion Wicked sleeves and deckboxes!
rk post, February 2015



6 new tokens are now live!
rk post, January 2015



7 new tokens are now live!
And I restocked the heck out of everything else.  I might have been out of one.  Maybe.
rk post, December 2014



3 new tokens are now live!
rk post, December 2014



"The Kiss" playmat is now available in the shop
...and 7 new tokens will be here by December 24th!
rk post, December 2014



Stickers are now live!  5 options at the moment...Kraken, ML Avatar, Goblin, Goat, and the Red Elemental.
Sad to say as well, the 10 Anniversary Edition of Postmortem has sold well as the limited edition Cathulhu playmats.
rk post, December 2014



7 new tokens are now live!  Cathulhu Kraken, Goat, new Angel, Demon, Elf Warrior, another Morph, and Vampire. And oh decks!!
I'll get an image of the different cards in the deck soon.  Sorry, busy week!
Also, the limitied holiday token is in.  400 total.  Any order gets one, get additionals for every $20 spent!
rk post, December 2014



The beginning of the rk posse is now live!  8 new tokens!
I separated the printed tokens from the custom tokens to make it a little easier to navigate.  Hey this is all a work in progress...find and problems, let me know.
rk post, November 2014



3 more playmats are now live!  Death & Taxes unlimited, Crustacea BW, and Crustacea in color!  New tokens!  More tokens and token poker decks will be up next week.
As soon as I have them in hand, I will post new tokens, Death and Taxes, and Crustacea mats.
rk post, November 2014



3 new playmats are now live!  Emerald Angel, Killing Respite, and GP Sydney unlimted!
As soon as I have them in hand, I will post new tokens, Death and Taxes, and Crustacea mats.
rk post, November 2014



3 new gentleman tokens are now live! A new zombie, a new vampire, and starfish!
rk post, October 2014



7 new gentleman tokens are now live! Dicebags have new options and the limited GP LA mat is available!
rk post, October 2014



8 new gentleman tokens are now live!
rk post, September 2014



3 for the new set and others that are filling in the gaps.

5 new gentleman tokens are now live!
rk post, August 2014



Most are based on folks you may already know...or should know.  Saproling is coming in a week or so.  If you place orders right away, there may be delay with my insane travel schedule.

Three Tenors playmats are now available in the shop!
rk post, August 2014



A crazy commission that can be yours and is totally colorable.

Printed tokens in the Shop
rk post, July 2014



I changed some shipping policies that should make it a bit more affordable.  I may eventually just do individual tokens.  The shipping is reflected in the order total, not per item.  Here is a way to see the sheet a little larger.  Again, I will work this out a little better in time.

2 new event mats and I think I solved the checkout problem with the store
rk post, July 2014


I, in my infinite wisdom, thought it was time to release the shackle of the aol account I had for 18 years.  It has a ripple effect trying to change the settings of...well....everything.  I think paypal check out should work now... yep, it was a setting.


I have two new event mats in the shop, Antwerp 2013 and DC 2014.  DC is verrryyyy limited and is the only playmat I have with Magic art on it.  As with anything of a marketable demand, prices are subject to change.

Signing through the mail
rk post, June 2014


I seem to get a few requests for this and card why not make a procedural page?


It is now live.  Write to me if you have any questions.

I updated the calendar....
rk post, May 2014


I have updated the google based calendar a little easier to read and there is a way to add the dates to your personal google calendar.  Neat, huh?  Since this links directly to my calendar, it's updated constantly.  In fact I may have added a new date or two in the past week.


My Dove print is now available in a larger size.  Find it with the prints.


Cathulhu??  Yep.  25 on here available while they last of the limited first edition and at last look I was down to 17.  I am taking 5 of each to appearances starting this weekend to Mill Geek Comics in Mill Creek, WA. 


New Playmats and Pricing!
rk post, May 2014


Unlimited playmats are now $20!  You now have the option of buying three mats for $50 USD!  This is a new feature I am trying and and may soon spread to the rest of the shop or disappear...depending on confusion or lack of it.  ;) that Cathulhu??  Yep.  25 on here available while they last of the limited first edition.  A later unlimited edition will follow.


Token options!
rk post, April 2014


Now there are currently three sketch levels on the tokens.   The platinum is far to complicated for me to generally do when I travel, so it's an exclusive here.  I am also working out logistics for a diamond level...where you get the platinum token with a limited number of printed, numbered, and signed tokens with that image (and the design work that goes into it). 


Three special new prints
rk post, April 2014


First is the art that goes with the Brainstorm Brewery kraken token!









Secondly, a print to match the playmat....

And finally the pefecet companion to the True Love print, True Devotion...


Sakashima in a larger size
rk post, March 2014


By popular demand, I am now offering Sakashima the Imposter prints in the larger 13x19" size.


Website email/contact
rk post, February 2014


Apparently there are issues with me getting mail from my fact, I don't recall seeing any for months.  I didn't really think anything of it, but I have had two instances of my mail not getting through in the past day.  If I don't get it sorted, message me at instead of using the links under contact.


What's this?
rk post, February 2014



Heck exists...and there are prints!  Magister of Worth in the 8.5 x 11" size, matted to 11 x 14" and the Super B large size, 13x19".


Two new prints
rk post, January 2014



By popular demand, I now have Jeska and Simic Skyswallower in the 8.5 x 11" size, matted to 11 x 14".


Morphling print in new size and the tour starts again!
rk post, January 2014



Morhling is now available in a 13x19" size.  Additionally, I reworked the faces a little and added more art to the sides.


My tour picks up again withb 7 appearances in a row.  GP Sacramento, GP Vancouver, Born of the Gods PR in Palm Desert, SCG Nashville, GP Mexico City, SCG St Louis, and GP Barcelona!

Sale!  Yep, save some money!  Holiday!

rk post, December 2013




I didn't specify the holiday.  Neat!  It runs until January 3rd.


rk post Hates His Bed on a Saturday Night Tour continues...

rk post, December 2013




Check my calendar...I keep adding things!  More to come!!!

rk post Hates His Bed on a Saturday Night Tour continues...

rk post, December 2013




Check my calendar...I keep adding things!  More to come!!!

rk post Hates His Bed on a Saturday Night Tour has started...

rk post, October 2013


I had a great time at the SCG Open in Seattle (technically Tacoma) last weekend and the fun continues!


October 25 –27       MtG GP Antwerp (Antwerp, Belgium)
November 1 – 3       MtG GP Santiago (Santiago, Chile)
November 9 – 10     ComiCon-Way (Conway, AR, USA)
November 16 – 17    Lima Comics CON (Lima, Peru)
November 22 – 24   MtG GP Albuquerque (Aluquerque, NM, USA)
November 29 – Dec 1...I'm in my scary bed
December 6 – 8      MtG GP Dallas (Dallas, TX, USA)
December 12 – 16    Visiting family (IL, USA)
December 20 – 22   Walking Frank (WA, USA)


I have also added dates for 2014...with more dates to come!  Here is what I have:


January 4-5th,         SCG Indianapolis (Indianapolis, IN, USA)
January 24-26th      GP Vancouver (Vancouver, BC, Canada)
February 8-9th       SCG Nashville (Nashville, TN, USA)
February 14-16th    GP Mexico City (Mexico City, Mexico)
May 9-11th             GP Minneapolis (Minneapolis, MN, USA)

Well darn....

rk post, September 2013


An update was overdue.  I admit it.  So, I thought I better make it a good one.  Prints!  And new deckbox with matching sleeves!

Tokens are here!!

rk post, May 2013


Or will be Wednesday, 6-5-2013.  I have added them to the store under Commissions!  Have fun!

New stuff in the shop!!

rk post, May 2013


I added 40+ new piece of original art, including something to the Magic: the Gathering section.  See if you can find it.  Damn, you are good.  I have also added the 10th anniversary edition of Postmortem.  Super limited to 70 and about half way sold out.  Each comes with an awesome sketch!

Token update

rk post, April 2013


The token proofs arrived and they look spiffy!  In 2-3 weeks I will have the blank tokens in hand and will offer sketches on them for $10 and $25, two levels of detail.  I may add an option to order blank ones as well.

The site is still newish, but I am excited to say...I have been keeping up with all orders.  Most are going out on the next day! 

Lastly, I will be adding more original art very soon!  Playmats with art, pencils, paintings, inks....oh my!

Playmat update

rk post, April 2013


I added the option of adding sketches to most of the mats...and an area to write if you wanted something special.  The black and white mats don't have the sketch option because there is no place to add anything addition.  Check it out here! 


Update!  I have added insane sketch options to Rosie and Indianapolis!  They have half a mat open for it.

Quinton Hoover

rk post, April 2013


I was deeply saddened when I heard the news of his passing this last weekend.  I was looking forward to finally meeting him in person this fall when I was going to be traveling to his area.  My thoughts go to his family and loved ones.  May he finally find his marbles.

The Krab Jab retrospective

rk post, April 2013


The show will be going on at Krab Jab Studio until May 1st, 2013.  Included are original paintings, inks, an pencils...along with a host of prints, playmats, and a copy of Postmortem or two.

Here is the link to the exhibition list with means of purchasing items for your very own without having to leave the comfort of your bedroom.  Under the shop tab, you will find the books and prints.  On the site you will also find gallery hours and the location.

Update!  13 of the original art pieces are sold.  It's bittersweet because some of these were large original oil pieces that I didn't generally display and was kind of fond of.  It's like letting your children move on.  So, if you want one of my first borns, time is limited. 

Site Update!  Original Art

rk post, April 2013


I am going to slowly roll things out as I get a little time here and there.  I will usually add things by demand.  I have a few requests for Magic original, I have started to add them here.

Token Card

rk post, April 2013


I'm getting these suckers printed up with a blank black bordered front.  For the moment (and after I have them in hand), you can find me at an appearance, give me a measly $10 USD, and I will sketch a token for you in glorious black and white.  There is a higher priced option for ones that I will spend a longer amount of time on.  At some point, I will offer the service here!  Oh, and may print up tokens with my art on the front for a very low price.

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