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Signing cards and anything else through the mail!

Card signing is now:

$2 per card for a fine black Sharpie signature

$3 per card for a silver, gold, or color sharpie single signature

$5 per card for a silver or gold shadow (double signature with a black shadow) signature

$8 per card for a color acrylic shadow signature or any other shadow combination not specifically mentioned.


Just mail your cards and other items to me with specific instructions with an accompanying self addressed and stamped envelope (or at least a monetary equivelant for postage).  The card signing can be paid via paypal or throw a few bucks in the envelope.


A sad note, I don't to playmat commissions or card alterations at home, only at my appearances.  I travel way too much to make this even's bad for my pile of work at home (shipping orders), but good if you want to find me for custom stuff.

Please make sure you mail your stuff in packaging that won't get your things damaged.  Same for the return.  I care about your stuff too.


My address:

rk post

1203 142nd ST SW

Lynnwood, WA  98087


My email

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