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So you want a tattoo design (or custom playmat)...

Let me preface by saying that I'm just one person and I'm usually behind on my commission pile and I tend to travel a lot.  There are a lot of positives and negatives to this and I had to work out a system that would get you want you want in a timely fashion and I don't ever have to add to the pile of lost commissions.  This mostly applies to playmats (above a simple sketch), except the elements that obviously applies to tattoos.


1.  Be aware of what kind of art I do.  You want text or battle scenes or logos or full color images?  That's not what I provide.  Check out my Instafeed and see what I excel at and get the best possible piece of art.  Any questions?  Ask!


2.  At this time I will ONLY do the art when you know you will see me at an event.  Set it up ahead of time, figure out a budget (most tattoo designs run $50-250 USD and higher if you's time and detail based), no money down is necessary, and pay when you see me and pick it up.  There is a queue...and with busier events it will fill fast.


3. You are buying of piece of original art, executed in pen and ink.  You can use it for your intended agreed upon usage, but I will maintain the rights to reuse it for whatever if I want.  Cool?


4. Sometimes, really cool images will get extra attention for no extra money.  I hate to suggest that a drawing of your child or things that mean very much to you aren't really cool, they generally aren't marketable.  So, with those, you aren't likely to get more than you pay for.  I will do them though.


5. Multiple figures present more issues that solutions.  I encourage you to stick to one or two.  I will make counter suggestions.


6.  I can say no thank you at any point for any number of reasons.  Eh, life.  It happens.  That's why I don't take cash ahead of time.  Also if I do finish and you don't pick up or make other arrangements, I will sell to somebody else. 


7.  Most tattoo artists are a talented lot of individuals and you get what you pay for.  My art is intended to serve as a guide and any artist will have their voice.  Like with me, know who your artist is and what he/she does...and loves to do.  You will get the best possible work.  Sound familiar?  Many requests I get are things that a talented tattoo artist can execute better than I can and sometimes have more cooks in the kitchen is a hinderance.  Talk to them and educate yourself a little beforehand.


Is this list acceptable?  Let's talk more.  Be aware, I am gone most weekends and it takes me a bit to catch up on email.  I also have a horrid memory.  It's also good to do a final check in before I see you to see that everything is on track.



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