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Patreon is a subscription service for things that I don't offer here.


Mine is based on an exclusive token in a variety of rarities and unique sizes.  I will do no more that 12 releases a year, but 10 seems the most likely.  At the moment that I write this, there are 15 different tiers and at $3 you will get stuff!  The price has the postage (worldwide) already rolled into it, so there are no hidden charges.  The tier(s) you choose are pretty reasonably priced and one even offers you 20 of the newest tokens I regularly produce.


I close out the release at the end of the month (i aim for 9pm PDT on the last day of the month), so get started right before that and get the latest offering!  I start shipping after the 5th of the following month.




Take a look!

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