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Low Detail Artist Proof Sketch

Low Detail Artist Proof Sketch

This is roughly a 10-15 minute sketch with an ultra fine black sharpie.  No color.  You can request what you like or just let me do something fun.  

Sometimes excellent requests will get a quality bump with my choosing. You will get this quality at the very least. I reserve the right of refusal or suggesting alternatives. I also reserve the right to reuse the art for my purposes.

Sketch options are separate. Because the way the site is set up, to maintain an inventory, and to give you more options with the sketches if you want one (not necessary)...I have listed them at the bottom of this category. Please be mindful that with my schedule, only do one or two sketches at a time. The lower number of sketches per order will get a higher priority. Lower priority things may take a very long time with my schedule and travel. If you need more space or want to provide photo references for the pen and ink art, my email is
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