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Quick Token Reference

New Tokens:  Brand spanking new.  Latest additions.


Limited Tokens:  Numbered and usually created for specific events.  When they are gone, they are gone.


Angels/Demons:  ML Avatar, Angel, Demon, Devil


Animals:  Bird, Insect, Squirrel, Wolf, Goat, Bear, Squid, Starfish, Cat Soldier, Pack Rat, Snake, Germ, Plant, Octopus, Rat, Squirrel, Spider,



Supernatural:  Spirit, Zombie, Vampire, Vampire Knight


Fantasy Humanoids:  Goblin, Elemental, Fairie Rogue, Elf, Satyr, Human, Kor, Kithkin Soldier


Fantasy Creatures:  Kraken, Beast, Wurm, Sap'ling, Pegasus, Dragon, Eldrazi, Thrull, Ooze, Drake, Illusion


Professions:  Soldier, Warrior, Monk, Knight, Cleric, Human Soldier, Human Cleric, Human, Knight Ally


Artifacts:  Sliver, Golem, Thopter, Clue, Myr


Counters:  Storm, Poison, Tide, Mana, Experience, Commander Damage, and so many more


Miscellanious:  Morph, Manifest, Morass, Emblems, Ownership, Plus Minus, Clone, Copy


For Fun:  Toothless Frank, Nelumbo, Beer, Whine, Shots, Cathulhu, Proxies


Old Style:  Fully painted first tokens with old border...Insect, Soldier, Germ, Zombie, Angel, Bird, and many more


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